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Award Winners in the 2015 September Meeting

Our 2015 September turns out to be an exciting and successful event. Kudos to the nice works from the student oral/poster presenters in the meeting. Again, this year several young students were awarded for their excellent research works. We congratulate the winners! Here is the list: 鍾雨潔 (Best Chinese Presentation Award) 林亮君 (Excellent English Presentation Award) 洪于玉… Continue reading »

Award Winners in the 2014 September Meeting

Congratulations to the following award winners in the 2014 September meeting. Keep up the nice work. 陳葳潔 (Best Chinese Presentation Award) 陳盈孝 (Excellent Chinese Presentation Award) 姜宗螢 (Excellent Chinese Presentation Award) 陳信達 (Best English Presentation Award) 洪于玉 (Excellent English Presentation Award) 張鈞智 (Poster Award) 陳柏端 (Poster Award) 曹凱皓 (Poster Award) 吳東霖 (Poster Award) 雷文家 (Poster Award) 童琬柔 (Poster Award)