Two workshops in November 2016

11月份有兩場難得的workshop,分別由印度的Debashis Mukherjee 教授 coupled cluster theory、法國的Andreas Savin 主講 Density functional theory.  非常適合理論計算界的研究生參加! There will be two special lectures given by Professor Debashis Mukherjee for coupled cluster theory and Prof. Andreas Savin for Density functional theory.  The level of the lectures are for graduate students in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry! 時程如下: Schedule: Nov…. Continue reading »

一場很特別的演講 A very special lecture

來自英國約克大學的Paul Walton 教授,在他擔任化學系系主任任內,致力推動性平,該系已經連續三次、每次三年拿到 英國性平最高榮譽雅典娜天鵝金質獎。 Professor Paul Walton from York university has been promoting gender equality when he was the department chair. That department has won the Athena Swan gold award for three times, the higher recognition for gender equality in UK. Walton教授曾說過,推動性平,不用擔心單位的工作效率降低,而且男性的員工也受益。 Prof. Walton said, in promoting gender equality, we don’t need to worry about… Continue reading »


近年來多個機構均有補助學生出國的機制,唯受限於經費等限制,往往只能部分補助,致使清寒家庭的子弟,常需要為了出國開會的各種支出費心。有鑑於此…. This is a fellowship aiming to help students with limited financial resources to travel abroad for conferences or for research work.  The main purpose is to make up the difference of the actual cost and the amount most funding agency would supply… 獎助清寒大專生、研究生出席國際學術會議、出國實驗進修辦法暨申請表

Award Winners in the 2015 September Meeting

Our 2015 September turns out to be an exciting and successful event. Kudos to the nice works from the student oral/poster presenters in the meeting. Again, this year several young students were awarded for their excellent research works. We congratulate the winners! Here is the list: 鍾雨潔 (Best Chinese Presentation Award) 林亮君 (Excellent English Presentation Award) 洪于玉… Continue reading »

Award Winners in the 2014 September Meeting

Congratulations to the following award winners in the 2014 September meeting. Keep up the nice work. 陳葳潔 (Best Chinese Presentation Award) 陳盈孝 (Excellent Chinese Presentation Award) 姜宗螢 (Excellent Chinese Presentation Award) 陳信達 (Best English Presentation Award) 洪于玉 (Excellent English Presentation Award) 張鈞智 (Poster Award) 陳柏端 (Poster Award) 曹凱皓 (Poster Award) 吳東霖 (Poster Award) 雷文家 (Poster Award) 童琬柔 (Poster Award)

2015 會員大會暨 2015 理論計算化學小組學生研討會

台灣理論計算分子科學學會會員大會 暨 2015年理論計算化學小組九月學生研討會即將在9月8日舉辦! General Meeting of Taiwan Theoretical and Computational Molecular Sciences Association (T2CoMSA) and TCCAT September Conference 2015 is coming soon! Time: Sept 8 2015, 9:30 (general meeting) and 10:00 (student/postdoc presentation). Place: 松柏講堂, Chemistry Department, National Taiwan University See you all!