Two workshops in November 2016

By   October 25, 2016

11月份有兩場難得的workshop,分別由印度的Debashis Mukherjee 教授 coupled cluster theory、法國的Andreas Savin 主講 Density functional theory.  非常適合理論計算界的研究生參加!

There will be two special lectures given by Professor Debashis Mukherjee for coupled cluster theory and Prof. Andreas Savin for Density functional theory.  The level of the lectures are for graduate students in the field of theoretical and computational chemistry!

Nov. 19 (Sat)
09:30-12:30 Debashis Mukherjee
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:00 Discussion

Nov. 26 (Sat)
09:30-12:30 Andreas Savin
12:30-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:00 Discussion

Room 210, Science Building II, NCTU


More detailed introduction:

Debashis Mukherjee (SERB Distinguished Fellow, Raman Center for Atomic, Molecular and Optical Sciences, and Ex-Director, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, INDIA)

Title: Foundations of coupled cluster theory
Abstract: Coupled cluster theory is an important theoretical tool for studying correlated many-body systems. Over the last 20 years it became a standard tool of quantum chemistry that can be applied for accurate computing various physical properties of medium-size molecules. At the same time, coupled cluster theory is an active field of research aiming at extending the applicability of the method and improving its numerical accuracy. Our speaker is one of the key players in the development of the coupled cluster theory, particularly with respect to extending its applicability to systems with strong multireference character. The lecture of Professor Debshis Mukherjee is suppose to introduce coupled cluster theory to graduate students and researchers who are interested in quantum chemistry, particularly to those who would like to understand how the method works and when possibly it does not work. The exposition of the current lecture will follow the chalk-and-blackboard style with moderate pace adjusted to the level of a typical graduate student. The lecture is supposed to be interactive so all questions and comments are most welcome.

Andreas Savin (Professor of Quantum Chemistry, UPMC Sorbonne Universités, Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique, Paris, France)

Title: Foundations of density functional theory
Abstract: Recent advances of quantum chemical methods based on density functional theory made it by far the most popular and widely used technique of quantum chemistry. In his talk, Professor Andreas Savin will review the basic theoretical principles behind density functional theory. Most importantly, he will show the main open problems of the modern density functional approximations and will address the possibilities of solving the undermining difficulties. The talk is supposed to follow a steady pace chalk-and-blackboard exposition with the level adjusted to a typical graduate school student. Questions and comments are welcome!